Pen Pals

A few years ago (probably around 5) I discovered that Clubhouse Magazine has a pen pal program.  I eagerly filled out the form with my name, address, birthday, and mom’s signature.  I waited for weeks to get my new friend’s information.  Finally it came!  I was ecstatic as I wrote my first letter to Brooke.  We even have the same birthday!  I sent her 2 letters, but never heard a reply.  This past summer I did receive a letter with several pictures from her which I replied to the next day, but I haven’t heard anything back since.  In the meantime, I signed up for another pen pal through the magazine.  I anxiously awaited the arrival of my new friend’s information; praying every day that she would write back and become a close friend.  She did!  Her name is  Jessica, and she is 12 days younger that I am.  We soon learned of our common love for dolls.  She is homeschooled, and I go to private school.  Over the years our letters have become more structured, with recent events, updates on pets, pictures, and other little notes.  We’ve even started sending videos to each other.   We send birthday and Christmas gifts each year.  She is great at replying to my letters quickly and getting presents out on time; but I on the other hand am not.  However, she is very understanding when I do not have hers out on time.  She has been a great prayer warrior for me whenever I send requests.  I’m always looking for new ideas on how to connect with her like  journals and photo albums.  Every day I still look through the mail hoping for a letter from her, even when it’s my turn to write.  I always know that I have a friend when I read her letters. I strongly encourage you to find a pen pal; Jessica has blessed my life more than I ever could have imagined when I received her information on a little square paper all those years ago.